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Website Packages

DHC Events & Creative want to help you reach your business goals.  We specialise in building brands through consistent messaging on websites, E-Newsletters and digital platforms.  We want you to focus on what you are good at and let us handle your branding, website and marketing requirements. When it comes to building a memorable brand, it's all about consistency.  The best brands stick in our brains because their presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colors, and images. Developing a consistent brand starts with Brand Guidelines which are included in your package.
Website design and functionality that reflects your company is crucial to engaging with your audience, and driving sales. Consistent E-Newletters and strong social media presence reinforce your brand in your customers minds.

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Marketing & Social Media Packages

Social Media has become the go to platform to grow your business.  DHC Events & Creative are specialists in this area and have great packages available to suit your business or organisation.  Packages include social media platform set up, re-fresh, regular posts, target market advertising and most importantly regular scheduling and consistency.  You will see immediate follower growth and all reports are provided monthly, so you have tangible information and progress reports.  We take care of increasing brand awareness and sales so you can focus on what you do best.  DHC Events & Creative take pride in building your business.

Creative & Graphic Design

DHC Events & Creative are able to provide this service thanks to years of gathering specialized experience. With a talent for conceptualizing and executing highly creative ideas, this service allows DHC to ensure no two projects are the same. From logo development, brand guidelines and stationary requirements through to website design, promotional advertising and printed collateral, DHC Events & Creative is your point of difference. Get in touch with us today to learn how this service can make a difference in your upcoming project.

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Fashion & Apparel Design

With a flair and knowledge of current clothing styles and trends, DHC Events & Creative will manage all your apparel requirements. From consultation, art direction and design through to comprehensive specifications, factory liaison and garment inspection, over 20 year in the apparel industry means DHC Events & Creative are your go to design solution. If you’d like to learn more about this service, simply get in touch.

Business Planning & Consultancy

A professional in the industry, DHC Events & Creative have developed many skills along the journey. Take advantage of this service to reach new heights and gain influence in your field. With extensive technical expertise and a knack for clear and creative ideas, DHC Events & Creative are fully capable of bringing your design goals to fruition.  With a plethora of experience in design, we had the chance to garner creative and practical skills that can give you the edge over the competition. Reach out today to learn more about this service and schedule a consultation.

Event Management

The DHC team have had over 25 years organising and managing events.  Our strength has been in organising the logistics to ensure that events run to plan.  From staffing and security through to merchandising and ensuring that your event runs smoothly we have you covered.  A strong focus is on careful planning and having contingency plans in place so we are prepared for any unforeseen issues that may occur.  DHC have several partners we work with in the event area and pride ourselves on ensuring your event stays within budget. 

Product Procurement

With established, long term relationships with reliable off shore factories, DHC Events & Creative are able to design, source and manage marketing collateral including the printing of brochures, branded stationary, signage, promotional products and branded apparel at a cheaper price than that, offered in New Zealand. DHC Events & Creative will manage this process and provide accurate quotes for budgeting and physical proofs for approval.

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