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About Us

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Welcome to DHC Events and Creative.  A business created with a passion for working alongside businesses and organisations to ensure they are the best they can be.   DHC provide top class graphic & creative design, marketing & social media management, product procurement, business planning & consultancy as well as event management. 

The core team of Dan, Hami and Char have different skills that they bring to DHC and our focus is to work closely with a select group of customers who we view as business partners.  We have no plans of massive business growth but instead pride ourselves on ensuring the companies we partner with get exceptional service. 

The Core Team

Char is the creative one who will ensure that the best look and feel is created to suit your organisational requirements.  Char also has a brilliant eye for marketing, especially social media creation and promotion.  Ensuring you are seen and heard, and your companies’ vision, goals and products are presented to your customer base is a major strength that Char has.  Apparel for events and procurement is another area where Char’s design skills have been utilised by many organisations over the years. 

Hami’s strengths lie in operations and making sure that schedules and timeframes are met.  Logistics and procurement are another strength that Hami has, and he prides himself on making things happen.  Hami also has many years’ experience in the sales and marketing field along with event management.  Hami has over 10 years’ experience in social media marketing.    

Dan has a background in sales and marketing and business planning.  Dan will ensure that no stone is unturned and will look at all options to ensure the best is made of each project.  Thinking outside the square is a strength of Dan’s as is his event management experience.  Dan also has strength in providing business plans with a strategic, tactical and operational focus. 

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